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Engaged key partners in business development and research, advocacy and communications to grow the expertise and channels to address global competencies.


"The study tour has invigorated my passion for making learning spaces more accessible to all students and the importance of creating a visually stimulating environment that both supports and showcases the learners attributes and the hidden curriculum within a school environment." 

Providing educators with the opportunity to build on their global capabilities and professional practice to implement the Australian Curriculum for the cross-curriculum priority, our multifaceted international study programs continued to connect Australian educators with leading education businesses and schools across the Asia-Pacific.

In 2018, we expanded our partnerships and continued to raise awareness of the importance of global capabilities among Australian educators by delivering fresh insights and learning opportunities to explore Australia's relationship with the region. Country specific programs included Bhutan, China and Singapore.

Read more about our Bhutan Study Program here


In 2018, we worked with a range or partners to deliver our international programs.  

  • The Building Global Citizenship Course was supported by the Bastow Institute and the Victorian Department of Education. 
  • The Singapore Study Program was supported by the South Australian Catholic Primary Principals Association.
  • The China Arts and China: Then and Now Programs were supported by the Confucius Institute at the University of Melbourne. 




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