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  • The Changing Face of Science

    The changing face of science-Tile
    by Natasha Redden | Apr 07, 2020
    Science is forever evolving. International Day of Women and Girls in Science reminds us that our perception of science, and how it’s taught, should change too.
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  • Speaking your mother tongue can help create a truly multilingual Australia

    by Natasha Redden | Apr 07, 2020
    International Mother Language Day (21 February) has been celebrated across the world since 2000; however, many of us have never questioned the concept of the mother tongue, writes Dr Bo Hu from the Asia Education Foundation.
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  • The Soft Power of Education

    by Natasha Redden | Apr 07, 2020
    Since the 1950s, Australia has been consistent about the way education can build our nation’s soft power, but the time has come to update our approach.
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  • Mparntwe – the next vision for world-class education

    AEF eNews Tile
    by Natasha Redden | Feb 18, 2020
    Through trade, employment, migration, tourism, agriculture and technology, we constantly connect with our neighbours in the Indo-Pacific and it is essential that our young people know about and understand that engagement and develop the skills to harness its opportunities and minimise any risks.
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  • Prejudice Going Viral

    by Natasha Redden | Feb 03, 2020
    In the wake of the Novel Coronavirus, Education Coordinator Brendan Hitchens shares his thoughts on the importance of critical thinking in the information age. Enabling students to differentiate between fact and fiction, respectfully challenge information in the media, and debate complex cultural topics with confidence, this is an essential component of life.
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  • China – the complexity of collaboration

    by Natasha Redden | Jan 30, 2020
    In the wake of the Coronavirus, and while we will continue to monitor the challenges of travel to China during these warnings, AEF Executive Director says 'this doesn’t mean we will stop exploring ways to develop the understanding and empathy to open up rich opportunities for collaboration and equip Australians for a positive future'.
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  • Eyes on the horizon

    by Natasha Redden | Nov 01, 2019
    'We need to do more for intercultural learning' writes AEF Executive Director, Hamish Curry in response to the recently drafted National Declaration on Education. If we want to address negative  stereotypes and prejudice in education and society, we have a responsibility to equip our young people with greater skills in empathy and respect; our world needs it.  
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  • Transformative learning through extracurricular activities

    by Natasha Redden | Jul 31, 2019
    As Australia’s engagement with Asia and the world continues to grow, more and more global opportunities will arise for our young people. AEF Education Consultant, Dr Genevieve Hall, explores the importance for young Australians to build the rich fabric of social cohesion locally and globally through immersive extracurricular activities.
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  • Making S P A C E

    by Natasha Redden | Jun 28, 2019
    Executive Director, Hamish Curry, was recently extended an invitation to head into S P A C E. Convened by Cj Holden, Holly Ransom, and Adam Ferrier, the simple construct of this two-day intensive was to bring together ‘unlikely people and unexpected conversations’. Read Mr Curry's reflections.
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  • Shifting the way we think about our world

    by Natasha Redden | May 30, 2019
    Director, Kathe Kirby shares her comments on the new Australian Government PNGAus Connect initiative. A unique opportunity for Australian secondary schools to partner high performing Papua New Guinean secondary schools throughout 2019-2020. 'This initiative will strengthen relationships between Papua New Guinean and Australian secondary schools to build twenty-first-century capabilities and deepen people-to-people links' said Ms Kirby.
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