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  • Bridging a cultural divide in schools

    Bridging a cultural divide in schools
    by Natasha Redden | May 29, 2017
    International Manager, Bonnie Hermawan explores the importance for teachers to develop their intercultural understanding to be able to better educate young Australians in schools.
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  • Asian-language skills are a hot commodity in today’s job market

    Asia Language Blog TM
    by Natasha Redden | Apr 12, 2017
    AEF Executive Director, Tim Mayfield, brings to light the importance for us to encourage Australian students to learn a second language in the primary and senior secondary years to remain competitive on the global employment stage. 
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  • Crossing borders: Technology and global competence

    TN_Crossing borders: Technology and global competence
    by Natasha Redden | Mar 07, 2017
    AEF International Director explores how digital technology provides vital tools for the 21st-century learning classrooms of today and the ways in we can bridge distances and increase students opportunities to learn from their peers through collaboration at a local, regional and global level, discover different countries and cultures, and learn new languages.
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  • Giving young Australians a voice

    FT_AEFeNews Feb
    by Natasha Redden | Feb 13, 2017
    Go Global Project Officer, Emeline Gillingham, speaks about the importance of empowering Australian students to address the global issues that shape our future.
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  • A Year in Review 2016

    TN_Year in Review- 2016
    by Natasha Redden | Dec 21, 2016
    Executive Director, Kathe Kirby explores the achievements of The Asia Education Foundation in her 2016 Year in Review.
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  • Educating today’s minds for tomorrow’s challenges

    by Natasha Redden | Dec 08, 2016
    Executive Director, Kathe Kirby explores some of the recent publications by state bodies which describe the current trends of Indonesian language studies in schools across Australia.
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  • Young Australians need to engage with the world

    Young Australians need to engage with the world
    by Natasha Redden | Oct 19, 2016
    As Australia’s engagement with Asia continues to grow, more and more global opportunities will arise for our young people. Which means that our students’ future success is dependent on how well our education system develops their global competence. For young Australians, developing knowledge and familiarity with Asia is a vital part of developing global understanding and contributes to the rich fabric of our social cohesion at home in Australia.
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  • Are schools focused enough on the future?

    Blog_KK_Young Australians aren’t being prepared for our place in the world
    by Natasha Redden | Oct 05, 2016
    The recent report ‘Our diaspora’s got talent’, published by PwC found that Australia does have the talent to succeed in Asia, and we are not doing enough to foster, prepare and deploy this talent in the region. Director, Kathe Kirby explores the challenges, opportunities and strategies to better prepare young Australians for thier place in the world.
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  • Can you assess global competence?

    AEF_Leadership Blog
    by Natasha Redden | Aug 19, 2016
    Associate Director, Dr Eeqbal Hassim explores the recent publication by the Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD), which details its plan to assess global competency in the 2018 Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) tests.
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  • A connected world: how to develop culturally competent students

    A connected world: How to develop culturally informed students
    by Natasha Redden | Aug 02, 2016
    Director, Lisa Hayman, explores the tools and techniques educators can use to ensure their students develop the capabilities required to navigate and harness the opportunities of our local and global communities.
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