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Year 7-8 Geography: Damming the Yangtze at Three Gorges


This learning sequence investigates the controversy surrounding the Three Gorges Dam and the impact it has had on the Chinese people and environment. Students explore the use of infographics, maps and websites to convey information and opinion and design their own infographic to communicate their understanding of the human and environmental impacts of the Three Gorges Dam.

Key inquiry questions:

  • What impact has the Three Gorges Dam had on the people and the environment?

  • What are the most significant human and environmental impacts of the Three Gorges Dam?

  • How can information be visually presented to effectively communicate your ideas?


Teacher notes

Teacher notes include activity suggestions, alignment to the Australian Curriculum and useful weblinks.


Learning sequence

Activity 1: Dam the river, watch the impact


Students investigate the impact of dam construction particularly the Three Gorges Dam on the people and environment along the Yangtze River.





Activity 2: Yangtze before and after – 1987 and 2006


Students explore life before and after the construction of the Three Gorges Dam and analyse the depth of the affects on Yangtze River communities.





Activity 3: Create an infographic


Students create an infographic to present their understanding of the topic.





Activity 4: Reflection


Students reflect on what they have learned about dam construction, the environment and people's lives, and expressing knowledge.






Photo acknowledgements: Three Gorges Dam by GDS infographics (CC BY 2.0) – Activity 1; Satellite images from NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center Scientific Visualization Studio United States Geological Survey  – Activity 2;  Impacts mindmap by Learning Fundamentals  – Activity 3;  AEF – Activity 4.




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