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  • AEF e-News: March

    2 March 2016  | Author: AEF  | Source: AEF

    In this month's edition of AEF E-News we're exploring the increasing importance and relevance of intercultural understanding in Australian schools today.

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  • AEF e-News: February

    1 February 2016  | Author: AEF  | Source: AEF

    Happy Chinese New Year 2016. In this e-News edition, AEF Director Kathe Kirby explores the challenges, opportunities and strategies to foster grater parental engagement in children's language learning in schools.

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  • AEF e-News: December

    1 December 2015  | Author: AEF  | Source: AEF

    In this edition, we bring to light the importance of teaching second and third languages in schools, and explores the potential benefits for the personal mobility of students and safeguarding Australia's social and cultural harmony.

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  • AEF e-News: November

    1 November 2015  | Author: AEF  | Source: AEF

    Summer school, study programs, Masters of Education and more. Discount early bird registrations are now open for the 2016 AEF Summer School Program. This one-day professional learning opportunity has been designed to provide teachers with a toolkit to lead the development of intercultural capability in schools to address the requirements of the Australian and Victorian curriculum.

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  • AEF e-News: October

    1 October 2015  | Author: AEF  | Source: AEF

    In our newly launched AEF Leadership Blog, Executive Director, Kurt Mullane explores the sometimes overlooked yet important aspect of collegial dialogue amongst teachers in professional learning, as key to evolving classroom practice.

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  • AEF e-News: September

    1 September 2015  | Author: AEF  | Source: AEF

    This month we’re proud to announce AEF's Australia - India school BRIDGE school partnerships , launched in New Delhi by Federal Education Minister Pyne. On the professional learning front, we’ve designed a new national series of one-day programs for primary and secondary school teachers to open your classroom to the world - register through the link below. We’re also promoting National Literacy and Numeracy Week with a range of Asia-related English and Maths curriculum resources available on AEF website. See the calendar below for AEF events in your city.

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  • AEF e-News: 1 August

    1 August 2015  | Author: AEF  | Source: AEF

    AEF provides school leaders and teachers with new Australian Curriculum resources, professional learning opportunities and innovative school programs that support Asian languages and cross curriculum studies of Asia in Australian schools.

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  • AEF e-News: 1 July

    1 July 2015  | Author: AEF  | Source: AEF

    Intercultural understanding is an essential part of living with others in the diverse world of the twenty-first century. It assists young people to become responsible local and global citizens, equipped through their education for living and working together in an interconnected world.

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  • AEF e-News: 15 June

    15 June 2015  | Author: AEF  | Source: AEF

    AEF has just released new toolkits to help teachers and school leaders to implement a curriculum that supports Asia capability.

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  • AEF e-News: 1 June

    1 June 2015  | Author: AEF  | Source: AEF

    This edition of AEF e-News looks at how you can build understanding of Asia through in-country study programmes, school partnerships, professional learning events and art exhibitions.

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