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National Statement on Asia Literacy

The National Statement on Asia Literacy in Australian Schools 2011-2012, (National Statement) has been provided to the Australian Education, Early Childhood Development and Youth Affairs Senior Officials Committee (AEEYSOC) for noting.

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Developed by the Asia Education Foundation, the National Statement supports the Melbourne Declaration on Educational Goals for Young Australians which recognises that the growing influence of India, China and other Asian nations, both globally and in Australia, is a major change in the world that impacts on the future of all young Australians.

The National Statement reflects the changes in the Australian educational architecture since 2005. It complements the work of the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) and incorporates the organising ideas for the cross-curriculum priority of ‘Asia and Australia’s engagement with Asia’.

The National Statement identifies the broad knowledge, skills and understandings required by all students to achieve Asia literacy in the context of existing policies and practices in teaching and learning and sets out six interlinked areas of action required to achieve Asia literacy and deliver on the intent of the new Australian Curriculum.

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The National Statement...

'...outlines the core knowledge, skills and understandings our young people will need to thrive and prosper in the Asian Century.' - Kathe Kirby, AEF Executive Director