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BRIDGE: Online Community of Practice

The BRIDGE team are proud to announce the Australia-Asia BRIDGE Online Community of Practice professional learning program. For a limited time, we're offering all past Australian BRIDGE teachers the opportunity to take part in a FREE professional learning program hosted by education expert, Ms Lou Bowe.

The program

This full-day program has been specifically designed to consolidate and develop the learnings of the original BRIDGE professional learning program with a focus on digital technologies and forming an online community of practice.

Participants will be given the opportunity to:

  • Network with education experts to develop their professional practice
  • Hear from BRIDGE alumni across the state speak on the development of their partnership over the years
  • Take a deep dive into the many freely available digital resources to enhance their teaching practice and take learning outside the four walls of their classroom; and
  • Explore how to expand student knowledge and understanding of Australia’s place in the world.

The learning outcomes

  • Deepen knowledge of digital technologies and new pedagogies that will enhance learning and teaching practice
  • Curation of contemporary online resources that expand students’ knowledge and understanding of Australia’s place in the world; and
  • Unpack digital citizenship frameworks that support students to be globally competent and digital citizens.


This opportunity is open to all teachers in our BRIDGE school community. However, there is an allocation of free tickets. As per the original programs, schools who are involved in the ASEAN, China, India and Korean BRIDGE programs may send ONE teacher for free and schools who are involved in the Indonesia program may send TWO teachers for free. Schools are welcome to send more teachers to participate in the program however, there will be an associated cost. We're currently offering an early bird discount for all programs.

Should you have any questions about the program, please contact a member of our team on or call +61 3 9035 6766.

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