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Welcome to Go Indonesia! This site has been developed for use by students in the classroom or at home during their middle years of schooling.
The site has been created using Flash 4. If you do not have Flash 4 on your computer there should be warning and a link so that you can download it (test for Flash 4 below). If you already have Flash 4 you may still have to wait for a minute or two as a chosen destination downloads. Do not panic! It is worth the wait and while it downloads you can test your knowledge of Indonesia by playing the jigsaw puzzle game.
There are five Indonesian destinations on this site. Each destination contains four areas of interest. Each of these can be explored in the following ways.

First choose an interest area.


By moving the mouse over the illustration you can discover interesting facts about the chosen subject.


For more detailed information you can click on the Fact File. The Quiz will test your understanding of the chosen area and the Camera provides interesting photographs and captions about that subject.

Each interest area also has three activities, accessed by clicking on the Activities button. Read the instructions on screen and download the activity sheets where provided. The activities are split into three subject areas: English, SOSE and Art.
If you want to return to your chosen island you can click on its name, which is always on the screen or if you want to return to your chosen area of interest, click on the yellow cross icon and if you want to choose another island click on the small map of Indonesia.

That about covers it, so grab your mouse, fasten your seat belt and let’s Go Indonesia!

Can you see the flag waving above? If not click on the Get Flash icon below to download the plugin to view this site.

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