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Film Asia: New Perspectives on Film for English

cover image: Film Asia: New Perspectives on Film for English

Film Asia, designed for the secondary English classroom, contains stimulating background information and activities based on 15 films. It offers new entry points to studies of Asia. Combining critical perspectives with teaching and learning ideas, this exciting resource supports teachers who wish to embed links to Asia in creative and curriculum-relevant practice. By studying these films, students can find out about:

  • the breathtaking fight scenes of the international hit Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
  • the ways Romeo and Juliet inspired a delicious Singaporean mockumentary called Chicken Rice War
  • the environmental message of anime masterpiece Princess Mononoke
  • the glorious cinematography of Zhang Yimou in Yellow Earth.

Civics and citizenship education focus: Award-winning Film Asia lets students compare Australian politics, society and expressions of national identity with those in China, Japan, India, Pakistan, Singapore, Indonesia, Bhutan and Vietnam. It delves deep into the challenges facing multicultural societies. Through films such as East is East, Floating Life, Not One Less, Indochine and Sumo Do, Sumo Don’t, it tackles issues relating to immigration, people power, social change, racism, Islam and symbols of the state. With teaching suggestions and support materials easily adapted to meet the aims of civics and citizenship education, Film Asia is a high-quality resource.