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How to use this website – for teachers

Teaching and learning approaches

The website provides teachers and students with images, rollover pop up text, web links and activities to investigate contemporary Korea. There is an extensive range of learning tasks provided for students to be actively engaged in this process. The main focus is on students being involved in investigating and inquiring, so the following section contains guidelines to help students think about how they are going to approach their study. Students are encouraged to:

  • think about what they already know
  • decide what they are interested in finding out
  • ask and answer questions
  • work as individuals and in teams
  • explore varied resources
  • extend their research skills
  • share their learning
  • reflect on their learning.

Students are asked to investigate, draw conclusions and present their findings in different ways. For example, they might:

  • use the inquiry methodology approach to find answers to a series of key questions about Korea
  • use the De Bono activity to think broadly about what they have learned
  • explore all levels of Blooms Taxonomy of Learning – from comprehension, analysis, synthesis to application of ideas – through the activities
  • share their views through PowerPoint presentations or visual displays.
Curriculum links: knowledge, skills and values

While the focus of the student activities is primarily on Studies of Society and Environment (SOSE) /Human Society and Its Environment (HSIE), there are many activities that relate to the Arts and English. Many of the tasks also reflect interdisciplinary approaches to learning, with links to Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and personal and social learning. Further links and activities are provided to increase students' knowledge of Korea, to encourage them to make comparisons with their own experiences, and to extend their thinking and learning.

Students have opportunities to develop knowledge and skills with connections to English, Cultural Studies, Politics, Civics and Citizenship Education, Geography, Art, Music, Media and Environmental Studies. Students are also asked to explore cultural traditions, issues and rituals that may challenge them to think about their own values and traditions and to appreciate the richness and diversity of others.

Professional Learning

A train-the-trainer professional learning program is available to support use of the Go Korea! website. The professional learning aims to:

  • introduce trainers and teachers to the Go Korea! website
  • raise trainers and teachers' awareness of the uses of the website
  • extend trainers and teachers' knowledge of contemporary Korea
  • model and use inquiry learning strategies to extend teachers' capacity to use these approaches in their own classrooms
  • make links between the Go Korea! website, local curriculum priorities and national initiatives including civics and citizenship and values education
  • encourage participants to deliver subsequent professional learning programs to extend young Australians' knowledge and understanding of contemporary Korea

The program can be downloaded as a PDF document from the AEF website at: http://www.asiaeducation.edu.au/public_html/downloadable_materials.htm





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