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Indonesian BRIDGE principals come together in Jakarta

‘The workshop was a great opportunity to network with other BRIDGE principals and learn about the best way we can support our teachers in leading our BRIDGE school partnership.’
Principal, East Java


As part of the BRIDGE project's ongoing professional learning, 82 Indonesian BRIDGE school principals came together in Jakarta on 3 October for a workshop to support their understanding of, and role in, their school partnership.

The workshop sessions included:

  • Australian Government policy to support Australian schools to learn about Asia through the Australian Curriculum and the priority countries for language learning (delivered by the Australian Embassy, Jakarta)

  • the role of teachers in preparing students for their role in the ASEAN region and the need to focus on 21st century learning (Indonesian Ministry of Education & Culture)

  • school leadership and curriculum changes in Indonesia that support project based learning (Paramadina University and the Indonesian Curriculum Taskforce)

  • the role of principals in BRIDGE partnerships (AEF, Australian Education International)

  • exploring best practice through an in-depth case study (MIN Cempaka Putih and Marlborough Primary School).

The day concluded with a session on principals developing an action plan for their school partnership.



Feedback from participants confirmed the workshop increased their understanding of BRIDGE school partnerships, and the government policies that underpin engagement between Australian and Indonesian schools.