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Australia-Indonesia BRIDGE Project


The Australia-Indonesia BRIDGE School Partnership Project is AEF's largest such project.

Since its inception in 2008, the project has grown to include 112 Australia–Indonesia school partnerships, with 450 teachers directly involved in it. Pilot funding came from the Myer Foundation, with Australian Government funding in place until the end of 2015.

Interested in taking part? Australian schools can apply to be part of the Australia–Indonesia BRIDGE School Partnerships Project through a national application process held annually (during term 3) and advertised in AEF e-News.

Successful Australian schools participate in the professional learning program the following year. Indonesian schools are selected through partnerships developed in conjunction with provincial education authorities, managed by the Australian Embassy in Jakarta.

Check out the Australia–Indonesia Partnerships Wikispace, an interactive online community where participants collaborate and share their exciting achievements.




Acknowledgement:The Australia-Indonesia BRIDGE Project is supported by Australian Aid and the Australia-Indonesia Institute which are part of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. The Australia–Indonesia BRIDGE Project was established as an initiative of the Australia–Indonesia Institute and the Asia Education Foundation, funded by The Myer Foundation and Australian Aid.

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