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Videos on how to include an Asia focus

Watch Dr Julie Hamston, Melbourne Graduate School of Education, discuss how to infuse studies of Asia into the English Curriculum.

Watch leading educators explain how Asia-related texts offer a goldmine of reading material for English students. 

Asia-related literary texts

Tiger Stone
Set in 14th century Java, this mystery adventure novel offers unique cultural and historical insights into Indonesia through the eyes of Kancil, a lowly kitchen servant.

View our comprehensive list of literary texts for use across year levels featuring Asia and Asian themes include picture books, novels, non-fiction texts, films and short stories.

Share your favourites with us.


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What is an Asia-focused English curriculum?

Link to mapped Asia content in English


The Australian Curriculum for English provides a number of opportunities for students to learn explicit content about Asia. It 'enables students to explore and appreciate the diverse range of traditional and contemporary texts from and about the peoples and countries of Asia, including texts written by Australians of Asian heritage. It enables students to understand how Australian culture and the English language have been influenced by the many Asian languages used in Australian homes, classrooms and communities.'

From Asia and Australia's engagement with Asia in the Australian Curriculum: English.


Sample map of Asia opportunities

View or download the A3 sample map for Asia opportunities in the Australian Curriculum: English (PDF 198 KB).

Identify the Asia content being implemented in your classroom to address the Asia priority. As part of the audit, identify new opportunities as provided by the Australian Curriculum to incorporate Asia across year levels.

What resources support teaching about Asia?

Curated digital resources


View curated digital resources that gather together Asia-related web links relevant to year-level content descriptions of the Australian Curriculum: English.



Learning sequences

Access a range of English learning sequences for use in the classroom that model the disciplinary and pedagogical content knowledge of this learning area.

 Other resources

Primary: AFC Asian Cup

Access this free AFC Asian Cup educational resource for Australian primary schools.


Fred Smith

Year 10: Dust of Uruzgan

View Dust of Uruzgan 
(PDF: 603 KB), about Fred Smith's experiences of the Australian Peacekeeping Force.







What professional learning builds Asia literacy?

Professional learning modules

Access these primary and secondary English modules to build your Asia capabilities. They include different Asian themes aligned to the Australian Curriculum for English and History.



Students compare the conventions used in the series of Jackie Chan movies with those used in James Bond movies in this English/Media Studies for Years 9–10.



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