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A journey through Asian art

  1. What happens when different cultures meet? This meeting might be traumatic, peaceful or complex – what, if anything, might we expect to find in the art of this exchange?


    • Exposition Universelle Paris 1889
      • Photo archive from the Paris World Fair
      • Wiki for the 1889 "Exposition Universelle" Pairs World Fair
  2. What is the difference between copying and absorbing a foreign element into the language of the work?
  3. does any of this fit with the idea of “appropriation” or “sampling”?

  4. Resources

  5. Are there ideas or images that you have discovered from studying other culture’s art that might make their way into the motives and/or language of your own art works? How would you describe that process?
  6. Lucia Hartini used the King Klono mask from the traditional Topeng Dance in her work. How does the use of a mask enhance her notion of surrealism?


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