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A journey through Asian art

  1. Consider a space. What is there already before you entered it? What happens when an object, perhaps a raw material object, is placed in the space? How has the tension between the objects in the space changed? What happens when you introduce sound or light or temperature or perhaps yourself into the space?
  2. How might you work with the energy of a space? How can you create the tension of an empty space in your own work?
  3. Explore what might be meant by ‘not making the work’. Does the idea of a conversation help? Make a work which is a conversation between the ‘me’ and the ‘not-me’, between the object and the space it exists within.
  4. Discuss Lee U-fan’s comment on his art practice: “…instead I reach out to what is around me and external to myself, ‘non-me.’” What does this mean to you? How might you engage that idea in your own practice?
  • Anamism
    • Article on animalism on the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, Stanford University
  • Buddhism
  • Mono-ah art movement
    • Mono-ha Moment by Stephen Wallis for Art in America, December 2011 issue (by Brant Publications)
    • Introduction and profiles of some Mono-ha artists from Tokyo Art Beat which describes itself as a cultural guide keeping residents, visitors and the world informed about Tokyo's art scene
  • Lee U-fan
  • Installation

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