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Intercultural Understanding with Asian Art

Dates: Wednesday 22 July, 4:00pm - 5:30pm
Location: Online Delivery

Cost: Free 

Art is an incredibly powerful tool for intercultural learning, be it through creation or observation. Art allows students to investigate culture and cultural identity, explore and compare cultural knowledge, beliefs and practices, and develop respect for cultural diversity. Art allows students to communicate across cultures, consider and develop multiple perspectives and empathise with others. Art allows students to reflect on intercultural experiences and challenge stereotypes and prejudices.

Art is a form of expression and communication. It tells a story, shares a history, opens up dialogue and has the ability to transcend language and cultural barriers. “The visual arts has the capacity to engage, inspire and enrich the lives of students, encouraging them to reach their creative and intellectual potential by igniting informed, imaginative and innovative thinking,” says The Australian Curriculum.

Developed in collaboration with the National Gallery Of Victoria (NGV), on Wednesday July 22, Brendan Hitchens, Project Coordinator, Education (Asia Education Foundation) will lead a free online professional learning program that considers how Art can deepen students’ intercultural understanding and connection to Asian cultures. Together with NGV educators, the session will discuss practical strategies which encourage students to think critically about Asian art. Exploring the contexts of tradition, history, politics and spirituality, the session will use gallery works by contemporary artists Ai Wei Wei (China), Eko Nugroho (Indonesia) and Kohei Nawa (Japan) as key talking points.

Prior to the event, participants are encouraged to visit the Asia Education Foundation’s Engaging with Asia through the Arts Toolkit here. The website includes definitions, frameworks and curriculum materials as well as curated digital lists.

Learning Objectives:

  • Develop practical teaching strategies for engaging students in critical thinking about global perspectives through art and embedding intercultural understanding across curriculum areas
  • Discuss works from the NGV Asian collection in the context of tradition, history, politics and spirituality
  • Compare and contrast values, beliefs and perspectives expressed in both traditional and contemporary art forms and practices
  • Use works of art and design as a pathway to empathy and acceptance of diversity

Register via the National Gallery of Victoria website here.

Intercultural Understanding with Asian Art

Image: Dropping a Han Dynasty urn (2015) by AI Weiwei, supplied by National Gallery of Victoria.


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