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ICT and School Partnerships

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) enables Asia capable teachers to select and use ICT with effective teaching strategies to expand learning opportunities and content knowledge for all students, connecting students with peers in Asia and utilizing a range of resources that connect the classroom to Asia.

Adapted from AITSL: Australian Professional Standards for Teachers

ICT plays a critical role in providing opportunities for teachers and students to connect with peers globally.  The following table provides some initial ideas of digital content and tools that support you to Investigate, Communicate and Create.  

Also provided are materials to support you to ensure that students develop as  Digitial Citizens as well as Global Citizens.


Each strand of the ICT capability can be used to prepare and plan for the school partnership, as well as facilitate the relationship itself through a number of platforms and methods:

ICT organising elements
School partnership activity

​Investigate Asia

Communicate with Asia
  • Use collaborative platforms like Wordpress, Edmodo or Wikispaces for a shared online classroom.
  • Share resources and comments on a Studies of Asia blog.
  • Try ideas about Pen Pals in the 21st Century from Edutopia.
  • Talk with peers in Asia through SkypeFuze or relevant and accessible forms of local communication tools:


    • Wechat: Connect with friends across platforms in a walkie-talkie format
    • QQ International: Video calls, voice messages and texting
    • Weibo: Popular microblogging website, similar to Twitter or Facebook
    • RenRen: Social networking site very close to Facebook


    • Yahoo Messenger: Connect with friends from any web browser, no download required.
    • WhatsApp: Allows for mobile messaging without SMS fees, available on most smartphones
    • Classting: Allows teachers to communicate with students in their classes
    • Oovoo: Free video chat, can communicate with up to 12 people at one time


    South Korea

    • Kakao Talk: Chat one-on-one, or with an unlimited number of friends worldwide for free
Create with Asia
Managing and operating ICTs for Asia
Social and ethical protocols and practices


Image: ICT organising elements, adapted from the Australian Curriculum

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