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Open a door to the world

These half or full day events give students the opportunity to take part in a range of interactive activities with Go Global Ambassadors, university students and academics that explore how engaging with Asia can open doors beyond school. Go Global Ambassadors are highly-skilled professionals with global careers operating in a broad range of sectors and industries, who can also undertake School visits and host Workplace visits.

AEF has been delivering Open a door to the world events in partnership with universities for the past five years. Reaching thousands of students from across Australia, they have provided a fantastic opportunity for students to reflect on their personal and career goals. They also highlight the range of opportunities available to those who possess language skills, intercultural capability and a sound knowledge and understanding of our region. 

Based on the success of this program, the AEF is now opening up the opportunity for secondary schools to host events which can be run in partnership with their network, and tailored to specific industries and learning areas. These events are targeted at students in Year 8 and above – the point at which students begin to make important decisions regarding subjects for their final years of school life.

Contact us for more information or to express interest in either hosting or participating in an Open a Door to the World event.

Please note that we charge a service fee to facilitate these events.

Open a door to the world in action

  • Opening a Door to Asia at UNSW_370
  • High school students from various NSW schools took part in an Open a door to the world event hosted by the University of New South Wales. Throughout the day, students had the opportunity to hear from and meet with Go Global Ambassadors, speak with university students currently learning Asian languages and take part in activities such as K-pop dancing...more »
  • Students perform using drums
  • Over 100 Victorian students were joined by Go Global Ambassadors and university students from the University of Melbourne, to discuss how learning about Asia and Asian languages can expand students’ horizons...more »

What participants have said about Open a door to the world events

Everything from the day was very informative and helpful, and the thing I enjoyed most was probably hearing about where learning languages had taken these people, the amount of amazing experiences they'd had and continued to have, and what it had done for them. It was all very encouraging.
- Student, Australian National University event
What a blessing and an eye-opener for my students to be able to be a part of this event full of 'real' people with 'real' Asia skills and experiences!
- Teacher, University of Melbourne event
The conversations I had with the people whose lives were influenced by engagement with Asia made me change my mind about learning an Asian language. At first I was definitely sure that I wouldn't continue learning a different language, but I found out that it can benefit your life in many ways, if you have these skills, opening more opportunities in life.
- Student, University of Melbourne event
I now know that Asia is going to be a big part of my future, and that knowing an Asian language is going to be a big advantage for my career.
- Student, Murdoch University event
Being at a university and understanding the importance of having a second language in today's society was very valuable for my students. Many told me that they felt inspired and encouraged to keep learning Japanese.
- Teacher, University of New South Wales event
Today was highly enjoyable and I enjoyed learning about future university degrees and study abroad programs, such as ACICIS.
- Student, Murdoch University event


Images: AEF

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