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If you want to learn more about Korea by playing a quiz or going on a virtual tour journey, click on 'Korea for Kids'.
Hint: Don't forget to look for the glowing stone.

For Teachers
This website is designed to enhance the publications Exploring Korea and Inside King Sejong's Gate and to provide opportunities for students to extend their understandings of Korean language and culture.

Inside King Sejong's Gate presents a lively portrait of contemporary South Korea. It traces the journey of Alex and Laura, students from Australia, who travel to the Republic of South Korea with their classmates and meet up with their penpals.

Exploring Korea, the accompanying teacher resource, provides comprehensive units of work, suitable for Years 5 - 7, which relate to the text Inside King Sejong's Gate. The units promote teaching about South Korea across a range of curriculum areas and are suitable for individual and group work.

Acknowledgements for illustrators and writers on this site.

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