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  • Are students ready to thrive in an interconnected world? 

    Are students ready to thrive in an interconnected world?
    by Natasha Redden | Oct 29, 2020
    Some may think that a focus on global competence is a distraction from the need for greater literacy and numeracy. Such narrow, selective perspectives ignore the interconnected world we live in and ways in which meaningful, relevant and contextual education works in tandem with foundational elements like literacy and numeracy.
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  • Partnerships during a Pandemic 

    by Natasha Redden | Sep 29, 2020
    School education partnerships continue to be active between Australia and the Asia-Pacific region despite the constraints of the COVID pandemic on schools.  These connections have been defined by three attributes: schools showing resilience in adapting and solving ways of communicating;  schools sustaining relationships as key to maintaining empathy and friendship and school networks showing resourcefulness in creating opportunities to learn from each other.
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  • Respecting everyone’s story

    by Natasha Redden | Aug 30, 2020
    In a recent study, AEF found that ‘Respect’ is the key-value identified in Australian primary schools. Collecting data from over 650 primary schools across Australia including remote, regional, suburban and inner-city postcodes, AEF spoke with a number of schools to better understand what valuing respect looks like in the school’s programs, its curriculum, and in school communities.
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  • Future Focused: AEF intercultural learning framework

    by Natasha Redden | Jul 30, 2020
    AEF has developed an Intercultural Learning (ICL) Framework across its programs to better identify and articulate the development of intercultural understanding and capability.
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  • Learning to shape a shared future with Asia

    A shared future with Asia
    by Natasha Redden | Jun 26, 2020
    The COVID-19 pandemic presents a challenge that cuts to the heart of what we do at Asialink: forging networks and opening doors to greater engagement between Australia and Asia.
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  • Education Promotes Inclusion and Belonging

    Education Promotes Inclusion and Belonging-Tile
    by Natasha Redden | Jun 22, 2020
    To acknowledge World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development, The Victorian Multicultural Commission in partnership with Asia Education Foundation hosted an online conversation about promoting and celebrating intercultural dialogue and understanding through education and curriculum.
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  • Learning to deal with diversity

    2.	The social, cultural and economic backgrounds of our students are as diverse as their learning styles, needs and ambitions.
    by Natasha Redden | May 20, 2020
    Cultural Diversity Day, 21 May, is a day to celebrate Australia's multicultural population. It’s a wonderful opportunity to promote inclusiveness, respect and a sense of belonging for everyone writes AEF, Executive Director, Hamish Curry.
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  • 2020 is challenging Year 12 students to become adaptable and innovative

    2020 is challenging Year 12 students to become adaptable and innovative-Tile
    by Natasha Redden | May 07, 2020
    We are living through extraordinary times that offer both challenges and opportunities. There are many challenges to education as we face the COVID-19 crisis: the possible inequities of online learning; the lack of face-to-face teaching; grieving the lack of human connection, are some. However, there are opportunities in this new classroom construct.
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  • The world is a classroom

    The world is a classroom-tile
    by Natasha Redden | Apr 29, 2020
    Educators and government have long talked about 21st Century learning, but COVID-19 presents an opportunity to re-evaluate our attitudes to modern education - right here, right now.
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  • Cultural Diversity in the Curriculum: Classroom literature

    Cultural Diversity in the Curriculum: Classroom literature
    by Natasha Redden | Apr 22, 2020
    As educators it is important for us to provide a means for the students in our care to understand this reality and its impact on peoples of all cultures. Explore a breadth of texts, curated from educators across the world, that provide conduits to navigate potentially heightened racial and cultural tensions in our society.
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