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Asia Education Foundation (AEF) provides school leaders, teachers and students with the global perspectives and tools to amplify their intercultural skills and mindsets. AEF delivers informative resources national and international professional learning, innovative programs and rich networks that connect Australian schools with 23 countries across Asia-Pacific. Since 1992, AEF has been an initiative of Asialink at The University of Melbourne and partners with the Australian Government, state and territory education jurisdictions, education professional associations, business and philanthropic supporters.

AEF equips educators and students with the intercultural learning and global perspectives to navigate a shared future with Asia.

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  • Are students ready to thrive in an interconnected world? 
  • Some may think that a focus on global competence is a distraction from the need for greater literacy and numeracy. Such narrow, selective perspectives ignore the interconnected world we live in and ways in which meaningful, relevant and contextual education works in tandem with foundational elements like literacy and numeracy....more »

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