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Welcome to Asia Education Foundation


AEF's vision is a cohesive and inclusive Australia and Asia-Pacific region where all our young people have the knowledge, understanding, skills, competencies, networks and relationships to navigate and positively contribute to a shared, harmonious, truly global, connected, dynamic Asia-Pacific and world.

AEF does this by collaborating closely with schools, school leaders, teachers, students and communities across Australia and the Asia-Pacific. We believe that if every young person is provided with the opportunities to develop this knowledge, understanding, skills, competencies and networks we can build towards a shared harmonious future.


AEF does this by creating cross-curricular curriculum resourcesschool partnership programseducator national and international professional learning, innovative student programs and rich networks that connect Australian schools with 23 countries across Asia-Pacific. Our work is intentionally designed to support the development of students' and teachers' Intercultural Understanding, Global Citizenship, Global Competence, Asia Literacy and engagement across the region.

Our curriculum resources support teachers and school leaders to provide these learning opportunities for students. Our virtual exchange and physical exchange programs connect teachers and school leaders across countries, schools and contexts to collaborate and learn with and from each other. Our student virtual exchange and physical exchange programs provide students with opportunities to meet peers and collaboratively learn and explore. Our professional learning programs build capacity in teachers and school leaders to support their schools' and students' development.

Asia Education Foundation (AEF) connects our school leaders, teachers and students across Australia and 23 countries in the Asia-Pacific through engaging virtual, online and face-to-face exchange programs. By connecting with each other, building relationships and networks, and learning with and from each other, we can grow together and create an inclusive, diverse world. 

AEF was established in 1992 as an initiative of Asialink at The University of Melbourne and for 30 years has been a trusted partner of the Australian Government, state and territory education jurisdictions, education professional associations, business and philanthropic supporters.


Over 30 years AEF has reached over 100,000 educators and students across the region to assist in growing knowledge and understanding of our region, each other and the world to navigate a shared, inclusive, harmonious future.

In 2022 we worked with over 4000 teachers and students in our virtual and face-to-face exchange programs.

In our youth programs, 100% of students stated the programs assisted them in further strengthening their intercultural understanding and global competence.


Stay Up-To-Date with Our Latest Opportunities

AEF regularly deliver free teacher professional learning and student programs, and create new curriculum resources and research. To hear about all our opportunities, subscribe to our e-News.

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