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Water management in the Asia regionBookmark

Learning area: Technologies
Year level: Year 7, Year 8
Country: China, India, Thailand
General capability:

This learning sequence examines water management in the Asia region and how it impacts food and fibre production.


Two boys on canoes in a flooded villageTwo boys navigate a flooded village
  1. Read about water resources management in the Asia region from a website that describes a non-government organisation's water management programmes in a range of countries.

    Complete the following:

    • identify the key issues impacting on water management
    • describe what you think about these issues
    • describe what you wonder about water management and future food and fibre management.
  2. Discuss your observations.


  1. View the links and videos below, which describe the range of water management projects in the countries of Asia:
    • Reversing desertification in China – Global Education case study focusing on reversing desertification in China
    • ‬‬‬‬Water-saving initiatives in India – website describing water-saving strategies assisting the milk industry in India
    • Wastewater treatment project in Thailand– a documentary describing a water treatment project assisting Thai farmers

      SuMaRiO – a documentary describing a water management project reversing desertification in northern China

  2. Create a chart that:
    • summarises each project's aims, defining the technology used
    • identifies whether it is traditional or contemporary
    • identifies whether it is labour intensive or not
    • lists the outcomes.
  3. Rank as a class the projects in order of success and explain the criteria used to make your decisions.


  1. Read about water management in Australia on Water: Australia, an Australian government website describing water management programmes. Compare and contrast the projects you have investigated in the Asia region with Australia's water management plans. Focus on the impact these projects would have on food and fibre production. You may wish to use a‬‬‬‬ Venn diagram to complete this activity.
  2. Discuss your findings as a class.

It is recommended teachers preview websites prior to use in class to ensure they are suitable for their students. Content accessed via these links is not owned or controlled by Asia Education Foundation and is subject to the terms of use of the associated website.

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