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Rooty Hill High School, NSW

Rooty Hill High School in New South Wales has deepened its engagement with Asia from peripheral Asian studies to an inclusive integrated approach to an Asia capable curriculum.

An initial Commonwealth Government grant provided the impetus to develop online teaching resources and for teacher release. However, Rooty Hill has since increased its Asia focus by including Chinese perspectives in the curriculum. The school has also developed an innovative Mandarin language programme involving the wider community.

Repositioning the students and school community of Rooty Hill High School to understand and demonstrate its capacity to build relationships with Asia has been a deliberate objective of the school’s leadership team.

Rooty Hill has seen major achievements across a broad range of areas, including: 

  • developing an Outreach programme with partner primary schools
  • hosting the western Sydney Confucius Classroom for the study of Mandarin
  • embedding Asia capability and cultural immersion with a focus on Chinese perspectives
  • online partnerships with three sister schools
  • acquiring a fully qualified Chinese teaching assistant through Hanban
  • implementing a cultural excursion and exchange programme to China for students, parents and teachers.

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Image: Rooty Hill High School logo – Rooty Hill High School

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