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Linking languages to other learning areas

There are many benefits to linking languages to other learning areas such as Intercultural understanding being developed. Knowledge in the languages curriculum also includes knowledge of different aspects of culture, such as;

  • general knowledge and broader knowledge of the world
  • general cultural knowledge
  • knowledge drawn from other areas of the curriculum.

Adapted from Australian Curriculum: Languages -  links to other  learning areas

A language program can become connected to other curriculum areas in the following ways:

  • The language teacher/teachers and classroom/specialist teachers work collaboratively to plan and implement units
  • Teachers plan to develop students’ concepts through visiting those concepts across the language program and other curriculum areas
  • Learning is seem as a more holistic approach
  • Student learning is based around ‘significant issues, tasks, questions or problems’.

Adapted from Teaching Languages in the Primary School, Julie Browett, Anne Spencer. 2006


Asia Education Foundation has a series of curated lists, country specific information and learning sequences for a range of countries. 

Explore these resources here:

Illustrations of practice

Learn how St Paul’s Primary School (NT) plan cross-curriculum inquiry units.

Read how the Woodvale Secondary College (WA) specialist teachers include Asian content in their programs, complementing the engaging Japanese and Mandarin programs at the school.

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