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South Korea

Select from the playlist of fourteen videos, Australians talking about Asia skills they need to work with and in South Korea. Access our Asia skills in action curriculum resource to find learning activities using these videos.

This project was supported by the Australian Government through the Australia-Korea Foundation of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Real Australians, real experiences

New Frontiers

2010 Asian Footballer of the Year Sasa Ognenovski talks about how he has embraced Korean culture through his football career in Asia.

My Korea: A Taster

Discover Australians who have developed Korean intercultural and language competencies that support them to work in Korea, for Korean enterprises in Australia or to engage productively with Korean-Australian communities.

Healthy parks, healthy people

Australia and Korea work together to promote the importance of parks to people. Mary-Lou Dixon has first-hand experience with Korea’s stunning landscape.

Korea, meet our national champion

Scott Walker’s Korean language skills have taken him far. They’ve also helped bring a very well known Australian to Korea.

The birthplace of Taekwondo

Anthony Armari is Australia’s national taekwando champion. His home away from home is at Gwangju’s Chosan University.

The making of a Korean barbeque

Korea is one of Australia’s largest meat export markets. Brad Dunnett is director of a beef trading company and relishes his time working with Korean clients.

Teaching English, learning Korean

Through the course of her English teaching career Emily Hardwick has gained rich cultural insight – along with a lifelong partner.

Investing in the future

When he’s not busy as chairman of the largest foreign investment bank in Korea, John Walker writes children’s books.

Live on air

Sam Hammington’s daily radio program bridges contemporary Seoul with the West. It also keeps him on the edge of his seat.

A remarkable economic development

As part of the economic team for the Australian embassy in Seoul, Natalie Barnes is reaffirmed every day of Korea’s importance to Australia.

To the beat of the drum

Drummer Simon Barker never knew Korea would offer so much for an improvising musician.

From Seoul to Soul

Xenia Hanusiak’s musical collaborations with Korea have taught her that gesture, breath and movement can take the place of spoken language.

Investigating mobile media in Korea

Artist and ethnographer, Larissa Hjorth, is fascinated by how people communicate through mobile media.

Providing real-life experiences for Korean tourists

As a tour guide in South Korea, Marco Hernandez enjoyed learning Korean as fun challenge and as a bridge to a different culture.


My Korea: Australian Stories was supported by the Australian Government through the Australia-Korea Foundation of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

The Larissa Hjorth and Marco Hernandez videos were produced as part of the myfuture: Asia Skills project, funded by the Australian Government under the National Asian Languages and Studies in Schools Program (NALSSP) through Round One of the Strategic Collaboration and Partnership Fund.

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