Technical help


The Japanese and Chinese online resources have been produced in two or three different versions so that users can choose the delivery mode that best suits them.

  1. Online version available on this website – Scenarios, Explorers and Space voyage games
  2. Browser-based versions for the Scenarios and Space voyage games. These are supplied in a zip (compressed) format and can be installed on your local disc, LAN/WAN or web server
  3. Standalone executables for all resources – Scenarios, Explorers and Space voyage games
  4. To run the Explorers locally on a school network (LAN or WAN) in browser mode with a functioning Backpack, you require a server side solution. A ‘web’ version for deployment on a LAN or WAN in either ‘.php’ or ‘’ can be provided on request. Only these two versions have been prepared. Note that these versions will not be supported by technical help. Contact:

Technical help

To run the learning objects, the Japanese and Chinese resources from this website or by using the downloadable browser-based resources you need the appropriate software to be installed.

You can analyse your software using The Le@rning Federation’s Analyser at:
You can analyse your:

  • Operating system
  • Browser
  • Flash plug-in
  • Shockwave player
  • Java
  • QuickTime plug-in
  • PDF plug-in
  • Popup blocker status
  • Screen resolution

The resources require:
Adobe Flash plug-in:
Adobe Acrobat Reader:

Microsoft Word: The Teachers’ notes are supplied in Word so they can be edited by the teacher, as well as in PDF format.

Regarding downloads:

Regarding executable files:

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