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The purpose of the TLF Languages project is to make available high-quality, interactive, digital learning resources and online tools to support teachers and help students in years P-10 learn another language. Currently TLF makes content available for Chinese and Japanese as well as for French, German, Greek, Indonesian, and Italian.

Comprehensive catalogues for Chinese and Japanese in PDF format are available from

The digital content, in the form of learning objects, for each language has either been produced by TLF or licensed from other sources and made available by TLF.

TLF-produced content

The TLF-produced Languages digital content for Chinese and Japanese comprises two types. These are based on separate principles of language learning and are grouped in sets titled Cracking the code and Close encounters.

The Cracking the code set of learning objects helps students to learn and use the Chinese and Japanese character-based writing systems. Character-based systems are hard to learn for students used to alphabet-based systems like English. Based on National Asian Languages and Studies for Australian Schools (NALSAS) research, these resources aim to enhance students' understanding of the Chinese and Japanese writing systems through analysis and interaction rather than simply memorisation.

The Close encounters set of learning objects for all languages, is based on the principles of Intercultural Language Learning, Students use the target language to communicate and interact in authentic activities that portray the socio-cultural characteristics of the target country. The learning objects incorporate a range of rich multimedia with spoken dialogue enabling immersive intercultural language learning experiences not easily generated by students and teachers in the classroom. The learning object scenarios also offer opportunities for teachers and students to integrate other complementary and contributory online and offline activities.

Content from other sources

TLF also licences languages content from a range of other sources to include in the pool of digital resources available to all schools in Australia and New Zealand.

Remember, to access learning objects and digital resources other than those included in the Showcase and as examples, contact the Contact Liaison Officer (CLO) in your educational jurisdiction.

If you are a teacher and wish to be involved in trialing the Languages learning objects that are currently in development, express your interest to participate by registering as a User Focus Group (UFG) member.

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