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  • asean-flag-waving-on-the-wind-770

    Australia – ASEAN Youth Forum

    Get your students involved in a simulation that explores regional issues...more »

  • Open a door to Asia-770

    Inspire students to go global

    Explore how having global competencies can open doors to future pathways for students...more »


    Global Goals Youth Forum

    Address the UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development as part of a new student program...more »

  • HP_C_ICU2

    Intercultural Understanding Masterclass

    Learn how to lead the development of intercultural understanding in your school...more »

Carousel 4

National History Challenge


Carousel 5

Become a leader in Asia capability




Feature 1 – close Friday 3 june

Become a leader in Asia capability


Feature 5 - The competition closes on Friday, August 26.

National History Challenge


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