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About AEF

About AEF

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How we work

Asia Education Foundation (AEF) provides school leaders, teachers and students with the global perspectives and tools to amplify their intercultural skills and mindsets. AEF delivers informative resources, national and international professional learning, innovative programs and rich networks that connect Australian schools with over 20 countries in Asia-Pacific.

AEF is an initiative of Asialink  at The University of Melbourne.

AEF partners include state and territory education jurisdictions, education professional associations and corporate and philanthropic supporters.

What we do
AEF links the world into world-class education through CO-DESIGNING education initiatives and digital services that

  • EQUIPS diverse education systems, leaders and educators with the knowledge, skills and networks for deep intercultural learning that prepares students to be global citizens
  • ENABLES young people with stronger intercultural capabilities, through critical and creative thinking, so that they have the agency to navigate a complex world and build thriving diverse communities
  • ENGAGES key partners in business development and research, advocacy and communications that grows the expertise and channels to address global competencies
AEF Theory of Change

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