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  • Fostering Collaboration between Australian and Korean schools

    Australia-Korea Schools Symposium
    by Emeline Gillingham | Dec 07, 2023
    AEF was pleased to contribute to the National Symposium on the Future of Australia-Korea School Partnerships organised by the International Education Association of Australia (IEAA) in 2023.
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  • Empowering Women Leaders: Insights from the Women in School Leadership Program's India Immersion Experience

    by Emeline Gillingham | Nov 30, 2023
    Victorian participants of the Women in School Leadership (WISL) Program have successfully completed a two-week professional learning immersion experience in India. During that time, they immersed themselves in their Indian partners' schools and forged a strong network of women school leaders. In this blogpost, we share some of their insights and reflections as an inspiration to all aspiring women leaders in education.
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  • Connecting Educators Across Borders: Enhancing Learning and Collaboration

    by Emeline Gillingham | Jun 05, 2023
    The Australia-China Digital BRIDGE program is an innovative initiative that contributes to building a global community of educators dedicated to improving the health, wellbeing, learning experiences, and outcomes of their students.
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  • Reimagine Foreign Language Teaching in the Age of AI - By Professor Yong Zhao

    by Chris Higgins | Jan 17, 2023
    As ChatGPT and DALL-E grow viral, hopes and warnings about Artificial Intelligence or AI are growing. As AI-based computer programs, ChatGPT can write essays and DALL-E can generate artistic images. In other words, it seems that computers now can do human work, humanly creative work. While the technology will continue to grow more sophisticated for sure, conversations about the implications of these two creative AI applications have become wide ranging, affecting almost every aspects of human life, including education. For example, what should teaching of writing be like when machines can write? What is the nature of art education when machines can create art?
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  • Building Digital BRIDGEs between Australia and China

    2022.10.18 Australia-China Digital Bridge Program_Shared Goals
    by Emeline Gillingham | Nov 28, 2022
    Our innovative, entirely virtual, teacher professional learning program connecting educators in Australia and China officially kicked off last month. We recently spoke with two program participants about their interest in and experience of the program so far.
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  • Is EQ more important than ever?

    by User Not Found | Mar 30, 2022
    As we ask students to become more globally competent, the need to provide opportunities for students to develop social and emotional skills (SES) or ‘emotional intelligence’ (EQ) is increasingly essential.
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  • Connection, Collaboration and Courageous Conversations: What is the role of Education?

    Connection, Collaboration and Courageous Conversations_Image _Tile
    by User Not Found | Feb 24, 2022
    As the world changes, so to must how we educate our young people. Education needs to empower youth as not only contributors to change, but the drivers of it.
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  • Youth initiatives give students an opportunity to develop skills and improve their future

    Youth initiatives give students an opportunity to develop skills and improve their future_Title
    by User Not Found | Nov 17, 2021
    From mock United Nations forums and design sprints to developing social enterprises, young people are steering their own futures.
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  • Understanding China through education

    Understanding China through education-Tile
    by User Not Found | Oct 05, 2021
    Australia’s changing and challenging relationship with China needs far more – not less – China literacy in our schools.
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  • We are crossing borders…or are we?

    We are crossing borders…or are we?_Tile Image
    by User Not Found | Aug 30, 2021
    Ideas that the ‘uniqueness’ of study abroad programs lies in developing ‘global competence’ or providing cultural and language ‘immersion’ has been critiqued as goals that lack definition. In a COVID19 world, in which international travel is limited and border crossings are increasingly rare, education institutions have an opportunity to redefine international education and global competence.
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