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Engage with Indonesia through practical curriculum resources, study programs to Indonesia, the BRIDGE School Partnerships Project and a series of inspiring videos of dynamic Australians discussing how their experience in Indonesia has enriched their lives and careers.

Here is a digest on where to find thought provoking teaching materials on the web. On this page you'll also find a series of useful external links and embedded resources.


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Explore places in Asia that are special to the people who live there.

Examine aspects of life in Indonesia and compare with their own.

Investigate the pressures of ever-increasing population on Jakarta.

The Arts

Examine the cultural elements of Javanese wayang puppet theatre.

Investigate the Indonesian musical instrument, the angklung.


First-hand accounts of the Bali bombing by North Melbourne footballer Jason McCartney and a Balinese wife and mother.


Through music, Stewart has found a new 'brother' and a way of making a difference in the emerging nation of Timor Leste.

Professional learning

Experience Indonesia through school-to-school partnerships that connect students in both countries.

Experience a mind-expanding study program to Indonesia that offers insights into the history, people, culture and education system.

Hear from Australians who have developed intercultural and language competencies that support them to work in and with Indonesia.


Books and websites

Explore aspects of the countries of Asia by drawing on visual understandings, supported by teacher guided learning activities.

Explore Indonesian people, culture and society through six units of work, each introduced by a popular folktale.

Gain insight into this fascinating country. through investigations into Indonesia's culture, environment, traditions and language

Investigate the people, places and events in Indonesia through mapping and labelling, creating diagrams, tables, graphs, time lines and legends.

An interactive website for middle years students in the arts, English, geography and history classrooms including units of work.


Australia and Indonesia

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade website includes fact sheets, country briefs and the latest travel advisory information. It includes embassy websites (the Australian Embassy in Jakarta and the Indonesian Embassy in Canberra) as well as an update on the Indonesia-Australia Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement negotiations.


Like-minded organisations

A number of similar organisations to the AEF and Asialink have extensive resources on Indonesia. These include the Asia Society in New York, the Asia New Zealand Foundation in Wellington, Casa Asia in Barcelona and Asia House in London. The Australia Indonesia Institute  contributes to a more broadly based and enduring relationship between Australia and Indonesia and to project positive images of Australia and Indonesia in each other's country.


Indonesia in the Media

The largest English-language dailies, both published in Jakarta, are the Jakarta Post and the Jakarta Globe. Reliable country information can be found through the BBC country profiles, the Economist topic index and CIA world factbook. The New York Times meanwhile has a dedicated page