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Year 1: Show me your money


This learning sequence focuses on developing student familiarity with currency from Australia and a range of countries from the Asia region. It is aligned to the Australian Curriculum and supports Mathematics: Number and Algebra: Number and Algebra.

Students are introduced to Australian coins and notes and the currencies of other countries. They see that countries from the Asia region have different coins and names for the money units. The activities and games provide opportunities for students to become familiar with Australian notes and coins and see that there are different ways to 'make' amounts of equal value.

Teacher notes include activity suggestions, extension opportunities in the Australian Curriculum for Mathematics, and useful websites.

Curriculum alignment: Australian Curriculum for Mathematics

Year 1

Number and Algebra: Money and financial mathematics

Content descriptionElaboration
Recognise, describe and order Australian coins according to their value (ACMNA017)showing that coins are different in other countries by comparing Asian coins to Australian coins


Learning sequence

Activity 1: Money memory



Students practise recognising and saying the names and values of Australian, Japanese and Singaporean coins through playing games.



Activity 2: Coin dominoes


Students play dominoes with Australian and Asian coins like Japanese or Singaporean coins to become familiar with a range of currencies.




Activity 3: Money dice


Students become familiar with written money values by playing games using money dice.




Activity 4: Match my money


Students play games to become familiar with the value of Australian coins and notes and make equivalent amounts of money in different ways.




Activity resources

The activities have accompanying support materials as follows:

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