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Australia-Asia BRIDGE School Partnerships

BRIDGE: An introduction

BRIDGE's blended model of professional learning increases understanding of contemporary Asia and Australia. 

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Collaborative learning

Learn about others' country and culture and collaborate on topics of mutual interest through a range of collaborative learning activities.

What Works 6

What works 6 coverWhat Works 6: Australia–Asia School Partnerships illustrates how BRIDGE is creating sustainable partnerships that enable quality learning experiences and lead to profound intercultural understanding outcomes.



The Australia–Asia BRIDGE School Partnerships Project connects Australian teachers, students and school communities with their peers in Asia.

What does BRIDGE do?

  • strengthens the Asian language capabilities of Australian students through direct personal experiences that motivate language learning 

  • builds intercultural understanding among teachers and students in Australia and Asia

  • enhances digital capabilities among participating teachers and students

  • supports high quality Asian language teaching and programmes in Australian schools.



Australia–Asia partnerships

BRIDGE partnerships support professional learning through face-to-face and online collaboration with schools in Asia.



South Korea

36 partnerships

112 partnerships

32 partnerships



Malaysia page

20 partnerships


Australian partner schools

Australia map

BRIDGE partners with schools throughout Australia.

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BRIDGE in action

Tranby College BRIDGE

Students creatively explore the Star Festival and Japan's Children’s Day.

Learn how BRIDGE has contributed to the development of language skills and intercultural understanding, and created sustainable, collaborative Australia–Asia partnerships.

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Keys to BRIDGE success


Build positive and sustainable relationships with schools in Asia through eight key steps.




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