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School Business Partnerships for Asia Literacy


Asia-related capabilities and intercultural understanding are essential for students to thrive in the 21st century. Asia knowledge and skills open doors for young people, enhancing their life and career choices.

Preparing young people to fully engage in the region in which they live and learn, and will soon work, is our collective responsibility.

Australia is located in the Asia region and Australia's engagement with Asia is growing at a faster rate than our engagement with the rest of the world combined.

History in the Australian Curriculum

Why should schools, businesses and communities work together?

Maximise life opportunities. We have a shared interest in enhancing outcomes for our young people.

Enhance career success. Employers are seeking future workers who can engage with people in and from the diverse countries of Asia.

Create a harmonious and prosperous Australia. Together, we can build global communities that can collaborate to resolve common issues.

Asia Education Foundation's School Business Partnerships program connects Asia Literacy Ambassadors, businesses and community organisations with schools, to showcase Asia capabilities in action and support young people in their journey towards global citizenship and Asia literacy.


How can I engage my students?


Inspire and motivate students with Ambassador stories of how engagement with Asia has enriched their lives. Ambassadors are available across Australia for face-to-face or online interactions.



Engage students in contemporary issues  related to Asia. Ambassadors have a wealth of knowledge and experience to add value to classroom activities and inquiry projects.



Prepare students for the world of work by visiting a workplace and experiencing first-hand how Asia capabilities are valued and essential.




Promote pathways for students beyond school. Learn about ways to continue developing Asia skills at university at an Opening a Door into Asia event.


Watch an Asia Literacy Ambassador and Asia Skills in action

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The Asia Education Foundation's Asia Literacy Ambassadors project is supported by the Australian Government Department of Education through the Quality Outcomes Program.