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Learning area: Civics and Citizenship
Year level: Year 5
Country: Thailand
General capability:

This learning sequence explores the ways in which community based organisations have worked to preserve mangrove ecosystems in Thailand and Australia.


  1. Explore the Interactive: Mangrove Biodiversity, Close Up.

    Mangrove plants surrounded by waterMangroves in a swamp

    • What do you notice about the mangrove tree?
    • Draw all the creatures that you can find.
  2. View the Interactive: Yad Fon photogallery and read about Why mangroves matter. Answer the following questions:
    • Why are mangrove swamps important?
    • Create a list of reasons – you could use one of the 'List' options from the SmartArt tools in Microsoft Word. 
  3. View the video Cheap shrimp: hidden costs
    • Use the Consequences chart to show the before and after stories of shrimp farming in some of Thailand's coastal areas.
    • What has changed?
  4. What do you think are the major benefits for people living in Thai coastal communities to conserve their mangrove forests?


  1. Read the story of Yad Fon.

    A pile of raw prawns with iceShrimp farming can damage
    mangrove groves

  2. Choose from one of these two scenarios:
    • Imagine you work for a shrimp farming company. You are asked to persuade villagers to become shrimp farmers and work for the company. Prepare and deliver a speech justifying your case to the villagers.


    • Imagine you have joined Yad Fon to persuade villagers to become community farmers and return the environment to the way it used to be before shrimp farming. Prepare and deliver a speech arguing the case to the villagers.
    • Your speeches could be videoed and shared with the class.
  3. Examine the MangroveWatch website.
  4. Using Venn Diagram Maker create a Venn diagram to identify and record the similarities between Yad Fon and MangroveWatch.
  5. As a class discuss why people have joined either Yad Fon or MangroveWatch and how they work together for sustainable mangrove habitats


From what you have learnt about the effects of shrimp farming in Thailand has this made you think about where your food comes from?

Do you want to learn more about mangrove ecosystems in Australia or the Asian region? Revisit the MangroveWatch where you can participate in the survey and learn more.

Do you have a mangrove habitat in your area or state? Are there any associated environmental issues there?

How can you help to conserve mangrove habitats on a local or global scale?

It is recommended teachers preview websites prior to use in class to ensure they are suitable for their students.

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Images: Mangroves in Thailand by Maria Ly CC 2.0; Shrimps at the market by François Bianco CC 2.0

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