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Learning area: Economics and Business
Year level: Year 8
Country: Australia
General capability:

This learning sequence explores the food and fibre trade connections between Australia and the countries of Asia.


Webquest challenge – Food or fibre export case study

Tea leaves on a plantation Tea growing on a plantation

  1. Choose a food or fibre product that is being produced in Australia for the Asian market. Possible examples include: green tea for Japan, wheat for Japanese udon noodles, cotton seed for China or canola oil for India. This could be a partner activity.
  2. Research your product and then describe the product and identify the features consumers in the target country require.
  3. How has the Australian producer and/or business responded to the demand for your product?
  4. Use ICT presentation software such as Prezi to present your findings.



  1. Watch the Landline episode Export oriented.
  2. Vince Pinneri, the Managing Director of SPC Ardmona, describes the advantage of Australian products as being ‘clean and green’ – what does this mean and was this true for your case study?
  3. Predict whether you think Australian food and fibre producers and businesses can continue to respond to consumer demand opportunities from countries in the Asian region.

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