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Learning area: Economics and Business
Year level: Year 5
Country: China, India
General capability:

This learning sequence explores how students have different needs and wants, with a focus on food and fibre, and how these compare to a child from an Asian country.


  1. List six things you think you need to survive and list six things you want. Make sure to include food and clothes.
  2. Watch the Needs vs Wants video below and then read Want vs Need: Basic Economics.

  3. Review your two lists, make any changes and then prioritise your needs and wants from 1–6.
  4. Share your lists with a partner:
    • What similarities and differences do you share?
    • Are there commonalities across the class?
    • Do we have the resources available to satisfy these needs and wants?


  1. Watch the I am eleven: Behind the news clip and the I am eleven trailer (below). Pay special attention to the children from Asia. What do you notice about their food and clothing?

  2. Identify what you think the needs and wants of these children might be. List six of their possible needs and wants and make sure to include food and clothes.
  3. Follow the steps from Students create a PowerPoint about Needs and Wants to produce a presentation of your needs and wants and what you think they might be for the children.
  4. Present your PowerPoint to the class.


Consider the needs and wants of yourself and the students in your class, and compare them with the needs and wants of your chosen child from the I am eleven documentary:

  • Were there any surprises?
  • How can these needs and wants be satisfied with the resources available?
  • Would you like to know more?

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