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Ashoka and the Mauryan EmpireBookmark

Learning area: History
Year level: Year 7
Country: India
General capability: Intercultural understanding

This teaching and learning sequence explores the ancient world of India with a particular focus on the Mauryan Empire. the edicts of King Ashoka and the Greek invasion of India.

Ashoka rock inscription

Investigation 1: Mysterious messages from the past

Investigate the 'discovery' of ancient rock inscriptions by the British.

Sketched portrait of James Prinsep

Investigation 2: Solving the puzzle

Discover how British antiquary James Prinsep learns how to read the ancient inscriptions.

Small image of the Sanchi stupa

Investigation 3: The king speaks

Investigate Ashoka's concept of 'dhamma', through the rock edicts and the conquest of Kalinga

Mosaic of Alexander the Great

Investigation 4: Greeks come to India

Explore the invasion of north-western India by Alexander the Great


Images: Ashokan edict at Girnar – Wikipedia Commons File: Ashoka Girnar.png – Investigation 1; James Prinsep – Wikipedia Commons File: Portrait of James Prinsep – Investigation 2; Sanchi Stupa – Wikipedia Commons File: Sanchi Stupa from eastern gate – Investigation 3; Alexander The Great – Wikipedia Commons File: Alexander the Great mosaic – Investigation 4.

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