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Learning area: Geography, Health and Physical Education, History, Language: Chinese
Year level: Foundation, Year 1, Year 2
Country: China
General capability: Information and Communications Technology, Intercultural understanding

These learning sequences explore different Chinese celebrations, holidays and festivals. Each sequence is developed around the Inquiry model of Engage, Explore and Reflect with explicit activities designed to support Chinese language learning. They embed a range of technologies and incorporate Visible Thinking Routines.

The learning sequences connect to episodes of the Australian Children's Television Foundation series Hoopla Doopla, a television show that is inspired by circus dance and physical comedy. Hoopla Doopla is available in English and Chinese.

Watch this introduction to the Hoopla Doopla curriculum resource package for ideas on how to use it in the classroom.

F–2: 'Trading Places' – Lantern Festival       

Explore how the Chinese Lantern Festival is celebrated in China.

F–2: 'The Hungry Dragon' – Dragon Boat Festival

Explore how the Dragon Boat Festival is celebrated in China.

F–2: 'The Magic Pumpkin' – Halloween and Ghost Festival

Compare and contrast celebrations of Halloween in Australia and China

The following lists provide access to all additional digital content to further support each learning sequence 

These resources are aligned to Australian Curriculum v7.2


These learning sequences have been developed in partnership with the Australian Children's Television Foundation

Australian Childrens Television Foundation

Images: Chinese Lunar New Year 2014 Wikimedia Commons; Dragon boat races at Longjiang – Wikipedia Commons File: Dragon boat races at Longjiang.jpgLampion-chinese-lanterns-autumn – Pixabay

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