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Food across the Asia regionBookmark

Learning area: Technologies
Year level: Foundation, Year 1, Year 2
Country: China, India, Indonesia
General capability:

This learning sequence examines how people from across the countries of the Asia region access their food using the plants and animals in their region and how they design and create different cuisines.


  1. Show your students the two videos below showing farming and food gathering in China, Indonesia and India.
  2. Conduct a See Think Wonder routine with your students and ask them to respond to the following:
    • describe what you see
    • describe what it makes you think about
    • describe what it makes you wonder
  3. Ask students to share their findings with the rest of the class.


  1. Prior to showing the food preparation videos, ask students to list what they know about prepared food in China, Indonesia and India.
  2. Show your students each of the food preparation videos below, in addition to A bite of China: The story of staple foods– episode two of a seven-part documentary exploring the cuisines of China.
  3. Read the following instructions to your students: When we began this study of farming and food preparation in China, Indonesia and India, you all had some initial ideas about it and what it was all about. In just a few sentences, write what it is that you used to think about this topic starting your sentence, 'I used to think …'

    Now think about how your ideas have changed as a result of watching the documentaries. Again in just a few sentences write down what you now think and start your sentences with, 'But now, I think …'

  4. Ask students to pair and share their responses. Complete the activity by asking one member of each pair to share two key ideas that were changed due to watching the documentaries.


  1. Ask students to watch the video below and discuss whether it reflects what they eat and if it is a true representation of Australian food.
  2. Use three ‬‬‬‬Venn diagrams to collaboratively compare and contrast food eaten in Australia with that eaten in:
    • China
    • Indonesia
    • India.
  3. What did you identify was similar and what was different? Discuss what else you would like to know.

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