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Rice growing across the Asia regionBookmark

Learning area: Technologies
Year level: Year 3, Year 4
Country: China, India, Indonesia, Philippines
General capability:

This learning sequence examines where and how rice is grown and harvested throughout the Asia region, including Australia.


  1. Men ride bikes laden with crops from their harvestFarmers bring their crops to marketShow your students the map of Croplands of the Earth and ask them to describe the crop-growing distribution pattern. Discuss where Asia is and ask them to predict why there is heavy cropping in this region.
  2. Show the enlarged map of rice cropping cycles in Asia from Asia– rice, a website monitoring world rice growing. Ask students to identify which countries grow rice more than once a year. Explain that they are to work in pairs and discuss why this occurs in some areas and not others. Each pair will write down their ideas.
  3. Show the map of Rice growing in Australia and ask students to compare the amount of rice cultivation in Australia with the countries of Asia.


  1. Explain to your students that they are going to create a diagram showing the different stages in rice growing in the Asia region.
  2. Look at the website Rice, a Global Education case study about rice production, in addition to the three videos below, and ask students to make notes as they view each resource.
  3. Review each of the resources, and ask students to write any additional information they need to create their diagram.
  4. Ask students to complete their rice cycle diagram and present and explain them to the rest of the class.


Show your students the two videos below and ask them to do the following:

  • describe what you see
  • discuss what you think about this information
  • summarise what it makes you wonder about rice growing in the future.

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