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Sustainable farming in South and South-East AsiaBookmark

Learning area: Technologies
Year level: Year 5, Year 6
Country: Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Laos, Vietnam
General capability:

This learning sequence examines methods of conserving and recycling nutrients in food and fibre production in the countries of Asia.


  1. Watch the documentary exploring sustainable farming (below) and write a paragraph describing what the New Economic Forum's proposed vision is for farming. Discuss your findings as a class.
  2. Conduct a Compass Point activity focusing on this new vision:
    • E – describe what excites you about this vision.
    • W – describe what worries you about this vision.
    • N – describe what you need to know to make an balanced evaluation about the vision.
    • S – describe your current stance on the proposed vision and why have you come to this position.
  3. Pair up and share your answers.


  1. Watch the documentary below describing low input sustainable farming practices in India and Vietnam. Discuss as a class the difference between current mechanised farming methods and LEISA methods.
  2. Gather information from the following websites:
  3. Conduct a ‬‬‬‬compass rose activity for each set of farming practices and have a class debate on the positives and negatives of each. Decide as a class which practices might be more appropriate for developing countries such as India and Vietnam.


  1. Look at some of the current collaborative projects between Australian scientists and communities in the Asia region. Assess and describe the importance of knowledge sharing and future food security.
  2. Use the ‬‬‬‬Futures wheel to predict the impact of knowledge collaboration. Discuss your responses.

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