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Learning area: The Arts
Year level: Year 10, Year 7, Year 8, Year 9
Country: Australia, China, Indonesia, Japan, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Vietnam
General capability: Critical and creative thinking, Ethical understanding, Intercultural understanding, Literacy, Personal and social capability

Join art historian Alison Carroll through a series of 10 vibrant videos as she demonstrates how the art of Asia came out of a century of national independence struggles, bolstered by emerging economies. This art comes from an Asia where new ideas clashed with traditional ways.

Key inquiry questions

  • Is art discourse enhanced or diminished by the inclusion of these concepts?
  • How engaged in the contemporary political debate can, and should, art be?

NOTE: Due to license restrictions, A Journey Through Asian Art videos are only available to be viewed from within Australia, its territories.

Kim-Hong-hee with her digital artwork

Episode 1: Unseen worlds

Investigate the 20th century roots of modern Asian art

Amanda-Heng with her photography

Episode 2: New ideas

Learn about how modern Asian artists are challenging traditions

Alison at Borobudur

Episode 3: East and West

Explore the artistic dialogue between Asian and Western artists

Nune Alvarado

Episode 4: Trade winds

Investigate the Spanish and local influences in Filipino art

Alison at LUMA

Episode 5: Red ink

Explore the connection between woodblock printing and propaganda

Brenda Fajardo

Episode 6: Independence

Investigate how art became a tool in the drive for independence

Shen-Jiawei and Alison

Episode 7: Art and the state

Learn how art was used as propaganda in Communist China

LEe U Fan shows Alison his garden

Episode 8: Raw materials

Learn about the use of materials from nature in art

Yumi Umiumare

Episode 9: The way between

Investigate the line between performance and visual arts

Choi-Jeong-hwa with his glass artwork

Episode 10: New harmony

Learn about new amalgamations in modern Asian art


Images: Snodger Media

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