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Digital tools provide teachers and students with access to new ways of learning.  The following are as selection that will support you to Curate, Communicate, Collaborate and Create as part of your BRIDGE school partnership project.

Category Tool Description Videos/Tutorials Education example
Curate is a power publishing platform. With, everyone is a publisher. helps you find content from your favourite topics, and creates your own online magazine. Once you have chosen what you want to share, you can feed it through to your social media networks or blogs.

Explore how the Asia Education Foundation has used to curate online digital content for a range of Asia-related topics across all subjects and year levels.
Users can upload, save, sort, and manage images—known as pins—and other media content (e.g., videos and images) through collections known as pinboards. Pinterest acts as a personalized media platform. Users can browse the content of others on the main page.

Follow the lead of the Asia Education Foundation and create Pinterest boards for the subjects you teach, like Geography.
Survey Monkey
Survey Monkey allows you to create any number of surveys and send them out with ease.  The tool can help you quickly gather data specific to a project you are working on as the surveyor designs every aspect of the survey, including the number of questions and possible answers.

Survey Monkey offers a range of education, school and academic survey templates.
Communicate Skype Education
Collaborate with other classes, no matter where they are, find guest speakers and invite them into your classroom and Take a virtual field trip anywhere in the world. Join thousands of teachers, guest speakers and virtual field trips to bring real life learning to students all over the world.

Heathmont College (VIC) - Skype has emerged as a favourite method of communication for students and teachers due its collaborative nature. The Skype sessions are carefully prepared with defined topics, grammar, vocabulary and purposeful, focused conversations
Communicate Tellagami and Tellegami Edu
Tellagami is a mobile app that lets you create and share quick animated Gami video. You create a scene by picking a character and background, then add dialogue for your character to say, and you can save or share your video.

Miss Haylee Taylor-Wood at Thanet Primary School discusses how she uses the app with students on iPads and can even save the videos and edit them with iMovie.
Communicate WeChat
WeChat lets you record a variety of styles of voice messages and send text from smartphones and Windows computers. Students can utilise the ‘walkie talkie’ function, a sticker gallery, group chats instigated by QR codes and more.

WeChat for education – Chinese teachers connecting globally: The Connect with China Collaborative, a WeChat group for global Chinese teachers, was birthed after a meeting with the Confucius Chinese Teacher Training quarters in Shanghai. It has become quite apparent that there is a gap between Chinese teachers in Australia, China and globally where curriculum, ideas, conversations and sharing can take place asynchronously.
Communicate QQ International
QQ International is available in six different language interfaces – English, French, Japanese, Spanish, German and Korean, as well as Chinese. QQ International offers comprehensive online communication functions, including text messaging, video and voice chat as well as online and offline file transfers.

Communicate Twitter
Twitter allows you to send and receive ‘tweets’ to and from your followers sharing useful information and resources, using hashtags to categorise the tweet and make it searchable later.  Take part in any number of ‘twitter chats’ with educators around the globe e.g.  #aussieED, #satchat or use specific hashtags to catagories your tweet eg. Asia capability = #aefchat

Follow the #aefchat hashtag and the @AsiaEducation handle either by following its feed on the Asia Education Foundation’s Professional Learning page or on your own twitter feed.
Communicate Instagram

Instagram is a social media which can be used to capture and share the photos and videos you take and view those shared by people you follow.

See the world through the eyes of others by following people you know as well as inspirational or industry related individuals or companies eg. National Geographic.   It can be used as a visual way to document and share projects.

Instagram can be used in the classroom and with students in a variety of ways. For example, it could support projects like ‘A Day in the Life of a Student’, geographical features or images tied to local history.
Create a simple video from a pre-prepared slideshow, including music and images you can select

AEF National Conference 2013

Australia - Thailand BRIDGE Project

Prezi is interactive presentation software that allows you to import any media into your presentations and either prepares it individually or collaboratively in real time, even when you’re in different locations.

The Prezi education blog provided a list of ways you can utilise Prezi in the classroom, such as displaying student data or sharing project rubrics.
VoiceThread is used by everyone from elementary students to top-ranked universities to corporate executives. It’s easy to learn and powerful enough for your most complex projects. The technology fades into the background, putting people and their ideas front and centre.

QR Code Generator
A QR (Quick Response) Code is a two-dimensional barcode with a pixel pattern which contains information such as websites, videos, PDFs or image galleries which a ‘QR scanner’ app on a smartphone or tablet can quickly recognize and decode, sharing the information the QR code is linked to.
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Respond to last-minute changes

Landsdowne PS Landcare Award (PDF)

Video Illustration of Practice Landsdowne PS

Collaborate Padlet
You can use Padlet for personal note taking, to-do lists, party invitations, feedback, collection and collaborating on things that require input from a large group of people. It is one of the easiest ways to create and collaborate online. There is even a special edition of Padlet for schools, known as Padlet Backpack.

This example Padlet has been made for you to take a look at, play with, and provides information on educational ways you can utilise Padlet’s tools and functions. For example, close reading activities or classroom communication.
Collaborate Today’s Meet
Make managing your digital classroom even easier with TodaysMeet Teacher Tools, a toolbox just for teachers. Permanent transcripts and embed, paused rooms, better access controls, and more!

20 useful ways to use Today’s Meet in schools includes suggestions like sharing links, taking polls, gather feedback and create ‘rotating stories’.
Google Docs
Google Docs is an online word processor that lets you create and format text documents and collaborate with other people in real time. You can upload and convert Word Docs to a Google Doc, access advanced editing features and, when ready, download your Google Doc back to a Word Doc to save to your computer.

Communicate Collaborate Google Hangout
Google Hangouts is a communication platform developed by Google which includes instant messaging, video chat, SMS and VOIP features. It is available as an app for both Android and Apple users, as well as accessible through a Google+ or Gmail account.

#eduhangout has drafted some ideas for how to implement Google Hangouts into a range of subject areas. For example, use it in English class to hold a virtual book club, or in science to show off an experiment.
Communicate Collaborate Edmodo
A safe way for educators to connect and collaborate with students, parents and each other.

Illawarra Sports High School (NSW) (PDF) has been using Edmodo and other communication tools as fundamental support in their language program. They believe that Edmodo has even encouraged both teachers and parents to help their children’s positive attitudes towards language learning.
Communicate Collaborate
Edublogs is a blogging platform designed especially for educators and schools. It has a variety of features. Educators can create class and group lists of student blogs and give personal feedback on each student’s blog.

Blogs in Plain English (video)

Asia Day Blog

Miss Johnsons Classroom – Asia and Australia
Communicate Collaborate
Google+ is a blogging and post-sharing platform which also works as an interest-based social network. It offers the ‘Circles’ feature whereby users can organise people into groups or lists for sharing content with. It can also be linked to Google Hangouts.

Google+ and Education looks at the many ways Google+ can be used for educational purposes, such as video conferencing with students and how the ‘Huddles’ feature can be used to keep track of students when on, for example, an excursion.
Communicate Collaborate
Blackboard Collaborate
Blackboard Collaborate is a simple, convenient, and reliable online collaborative learning solution. This fully redesigned solution delivers a level of engagement that makes learners feel like they’re together in the same room via collaboration and conference tools.

In Metro Nashville Public Schools (U.S.A) 83% of teachers reported greater comfort with technology in their classrooms after blended professional development and feel comfortable now using digital content and tools in the classroom, such as Blackboard Collaborate.
Communicate Collaborate
Wikispaces for the classroom is a blog type platform and has a range of useful features.  These include ‘class organisation’ to create and assign projects, ‘collaborative writing’ for real time project work and feedback, the ability to ‘monitor student progress’ and  a ‘social newsfeed’ to keep everyone updated in your class.

Explore three different examples of wikispace blogs from the BRIDGE Australia - Indonesian program:



Communicate Collaborate
Evernote is a social media that allows you organise, curate and communicate information.  You can curate materials such as web articles, handwritten notes, and photos then communicate, collaborate, and share in real-time your projects with other users.  The presentation feature can then turn your notes into presentation style slides.

Evernote offers a range of suggestions for how teachers can make the most of their program, breaking it down into pre-class, during class and post-class.

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