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Engaging with Asia through The Arts 

Independent Schools Victoria (ISV) is pleased to announce a new partnership with the Asia Education Foundation to develop a suite of events and programs to further develop Asia capabilities amongst school leaders and teachers, as well as build the capabilities of young Australians to engage with the Asia region across all spheres of learning.

School Leaders

Principals and Senior Leaders will be informed on state, national and international policy and research, and have access to primary and secondary information relating to Australia’s place in the region.


Explore the new range of professional learning programs and an online Toolkit tailored to equip teachers with tools, resources and networks to improve student learning outcomes, build Asia capability and support implementation of the curriculum. 


Students will experience the art and culture of the Asian region during the Asian Art Forum. The Forum will include Asian art masterclasses, workshops and sharing of student learning during a World Café as part of the upcoming Arts Learning Festival.

Stay tuned for more details to come on this exciting opportunity.




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