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Victorian Young Leaders: Global Youth Forum

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The Victorian Young Leaders: Global Youth Forum is an interactive three-part blended learning program designed to deepen students’ understanding of what it means to be a global citizen. 



How will students and supervising teachers participate?

Each student will participate in the forum via Zoom using their own device. We suggest at least one supervising teacher is required to remain connected to the students (e.g., via Google Hangouts or school’s own LMS) or stay in the same room to provide guidance and assistance to students with both online and offline tasks. 

What is the commitment of participating students and supervising teachers? 

Students are expected to participate in all three components of the forum, pre-forum event (6-hours), one-day forum (6 hours), post-forum event (6 hours) totalling approximately 18 hours. 

We encourage a teacher from each school to accompany students online during their participation hours. In addition, supervising teachers are asked to ensure that: 

  • Full name and email of participating students is sent to AEF at least one-week ahead of the program commencement.

  • Students are supported to obtain consent from their parents/guardians to participate and (if agreeable) have signed the media release to have their image captured as part of the program. It is required that this is done prior to the event. Students who do not have consent will not be allowed to participate. 

  • Receives adequate assistance and guidance to complete tasks outlined in the sessions.  

  • Completes the post-forum self-evaluation within a week after their participation in the forum. 

We know that teachers do not have an abundance of time and thus acknowledge that the above support may need to be done by a team rather than an individual. Should any teacher require assistance, they need simply contact the AEF team.

What themes will the High Resolve sessions cover? 

Identity and Purpose

Students will examine how our socialisation influences the perceptions we hold of ourselves and others and the impact it can have on our interactions with an aim to develop the ability to recognise divisive views and behaviours and practise responding in ways that are inclusive. Students will then be supported to create their vision for society and identify how their actions can help make it a reality.

What are the requirements and restrictions associated with registration? 

Each school is invited to register up to three teams (three to six students a team) for each of the one-day forums. Teams can be the same or different groups of students.

What are the key dates?

Commencing on the 26 May 2022 with the pre forum event, participants will then be given the option to attend one of three online forums hosted on 31 May, 1 June or 2 June. Coming together on the 10 June all forum participants will take part in a post forum event to consolidate their learnings. 

  • Expressions of Interest open Friday 25th February
  • EoIs close 5.00pm Friday 18th March

What is the cost associated with registration? 

With funding from the Victorian Department of Education and Training, participation in this forum is free for all Victorian schools. 

The Victorian Young Leaders: Global Youth Forum is funded by the Victorian Department of Education and Training and implemented by the Asia Education Foundation at Asialink, The University of Melbourne in partnership with High Resolves. View a copy of our Privacy Notice here

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