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Building BRIDGES Podcast

Asia Education Foundation (AEF) with the support of the Australian Government is proud to present a new podcast; Building BRIDGES.

Hosted by AEF education experts, the Building BRIDGES podcast not only profiles the innovative teachers and school communities who are shaping the landscape of schooling but also enters into a deep dialogue with those championing the development of intercultural understanding.

Series Two

Episode Four

Central to many international connections including BRIDGE Partnerships is the capacity to spend time in-country and experience the culture and daily life of your partner teacher and school.

Like many organisations in 2020, AEF pivoted all program activities to virtual as and such, 30 BRIDGE Partnerships have never met in person and have built their connections virtually. A huge success of 2020 and 2021, Sapna Bakshi from Suncity School in India and Daniel McCaughney from Traralgon College, in eastern Victoria provide an example of this as they discuss how they built their partnership online.

We also speak to Chris Higgins, AEF’s Manager of Education Design about digital pedagogy and about how AEF supports teachers to use digital tools in their partnerships.

 *Since recording, Chris Higgins, has taken up the role of Acting Deputy Director, Asia Education Foundation. 

Episode Three

The impact of COVID-19 has brought into the spotlight the importance of teacher and student wellbeing. In this episode, we speak to teachers from SMP Progressif Bumi Shalawat school in Indonesia and Mercy College in Melbourne about the exchanges that have taken place between their schools and about how student wellbeing became a feature of their partnership. 

We also talk to Indonesian academic Dr Tina Dahlan from Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia about wellbeing, as well as the positive effects mindfulness can have for teachers and students.

Episode Two

In this episode, we speak to teachers from Khamthieng Anussorn School, Thailand and Marrickville Public School in Sydney about how their BRIDGE School Partnership uses the arts and creativity to connect their students and promote intercultural understanding.

Later in the episode, we speak to host the ABC TV’s Art Works program, Namila Benson about the importance of the arts in intercultural understanding, as well as meet Sarah Fang-Ning Lin & Lily Feiner from the National Gallery of Victoria’s Learn team, who speak to us about the ways they support teachers incorporating art into their classrooms.

Episode One

In the first episode of the second series of Building BRIDGES, Hamish Curry talks about how the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals support BRIDGE school partnerships. We also speak to Jack Treby from Indooroopilly State High School in Queensland and Tavau Aloseta from Fetuvalu Secondary School in Tuvalu about their partnerships and how the Sustainable Development goals underpin their work.

Series One

As part of this first exclusive series, join the AEF team as they speak to some of educations best and brightest across the Asia-Pacific region. Sharing innovative ideas, listen in as these educators inspire you with their insights re-counting the relationships, student activities and global perspectives gained from participation in the BRIDGE School Partnerships Program.

Episode One

Principal Gillian Stuart and Bilingual Program Coordinator Karl Krause from Scotts Head Public School discuss the challenges and successes of their bilingual Indonesian program and how they advocate for intercultural learning in their community and beyond. 

Episode Two

Denis Zucchet and Jheny Vilacruz talk about how Jheny’s visit to St Monica’s Epping inspired the formation of a social justice group at her school in the Philippines. Marianne Theodosis and Blesilda Necio share how their online magazine KAIBIGAN connects their students across the curriculum and Sid Bagh reflects on how intercultural and interfaith learning benefits their students and school community. 

Episode Three

In response to the disruption of the pandemic, students from SMA Muhammadiyah in Indonesia and Lorne P-12 College in Victoria turned to collaborative podcasting to continue their relationship. Students from both schools talk about this experience and give insights into intercultural learning. 

Episode Four

Simon Rilua, Principal of Mercy School in Honiara, Solomon Islands and St Edmund College, Canberra teacher Leigh Southwell built their professional relationship on collaboration. In this episode, we hear about how they work together and about how Simon’s visit to Donella Walker's geography class at St Edmund's College inspired an investigation into the water issues in Honiara. 


The Australia-Asia BRIDGE School Partnerships Program is supported by the Australian Government and implemented by Asia Education Foundation at Asialink, The University of Melbourne. 

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