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Asia region

Select from the playlist of six videos to view Australians talking about skills they need to work in and with the Asia region. Access our Asia skills in action curriculum resource to find learning activities using these videos.

Real Australians, real experiences

Bringing Australia to Asia

Amy Frasca discusses her journey from radio journalism to her current role as program manager with the Australia Network, the international service of the ABC.

A great place for Australian footballers

James Johnson, a former professional footballer, combines football knowledge and legal skills representing Australian sports people in Asia.

Proactive policing

Maha Sukkar works with Asia–Australian communities, drawing on her intercultural understanding skills, to ensure she is an effective police officer.

Strengthening Australia-Asia Relationships

Christian Bennett understands the importance of knowledge and relationships in building an energy company’s interests in the Asia region.

Making a difference

Dr Kate Armstrong is committed to helping children with chronic health problems in Asian countries.

Can’t replace face-to-face

Charlie O’Sullivan explains why relationships are critical when working with the Asia region in the pharmaceutical industry.


myfuture: Asia Skills was funded by the Australian Government under the National Asian Languages and Studies in Schools Program (NALSSP) through Round One of the Strategic Collaboration and Partnership Fund.

These videos have been developed in partnership with Australian Industry Group (AiG) and Education Services Australia (ESA).

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