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Japan comprises more than 6,000 islands in East Asia. It has no physical borders with neighbouring countries, but is close to China, South Korea, North Korea and Russia. Japan has the world's eighth-largest military budget, but uses these finances for self-defence and peacekeeping aid.

The country is a major economic force and is the world's fourth largest importer of goods and services and the second largest developed economy. Japan has been at the forefront of technological developments for the past few decades and has become an icon of modern growth and cultural excellence.

Japan regards Australia as a key partner in the battle against global warming, with Australia exporting reliable energy, minerals and other primary products to Japan. Australia is also a popular tourist destination for Japanese travellers.

The two countries have a resourceful trade relationship, with Australia comprising 6.1 percent of Japan's total imports in 2013, according to the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Japan's main export goods are motor vehicles, plastic materials, steel products and power generating machinery.

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