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Engage with Asia through English and HistoryBookmark

Learning area: English, History
Year level: Year 5, Year 6, Year 7, Year 8, Year 9
Country: China, Japan
General capability: ICT capability, Information and Communications Technology

There are six modules in this professional learning programme. The first module, Equipping yourself to teach about Asia, introduces Asia literacy in terms of the cross-curriculum priority of Asia and Australia's engagement with Asia and the general capability of Intercultural understanding in the Australian Curriculum. It shows how primary and secondary teachers can build their Asia literate capabilities through teaching about Asia in English and History learning areas.

The remaining five modules focus on different Asian themes related specifically to content descriptions in History and English from years 5 to 10. The modules are discrete but can be used sequentially or at different entry points.

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Equipping yourself to teach about Asia

Learn how to integrate content about Asia in English and History


Years 5–6: Integrated English and History

Include Asian content through a combined English and History module


Years 7–8 English: Stories that change lives

Immerse students in the ancient art of storytelling across cultures 


Year 8 History: Feudal Japan

Explore the history of feudal Japan and assist students to undertake research


Year 9 History: China and the West

Analyse historical thinking through interaction between China and the West 1750–1918


Years 9–10 English: Understanding China through literature

Investigate traditional and contemporary texts from  the countries of Asia

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