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Equipping yourself to teach about Asia

This professional learning module provides guidelines and strategies to support primary and secondary teachers integrate content about Asia in the Australian Curriculum for English and History. Note that the module has discrete sections that can either be accessed sequentially or by sections according to teaching interests and teaching needs.

In its entirety the module would take between six and ten hours to complete. While teachers are encouraged to complete the module with colleagues, it can be completed individually.

A note on terminology

  • English and History are used as per the Australian Curriculum definitions and refer to the separate subjects as they are taught in secondary schools and the integrated subject that is taught in primary schools.
  • Faculty is used as the general term to describe colleagues who work together in a particular subject area. Faculty in the context of this module is the same as a curriculum team, learning area team, professional learning team, domain or department.
  • Asia content refers to the teaching about the cultures, histories, geographies and texts from or about the countries of Asia in the curriculum.
  • The Asia priority is the Asia and Australia's engagement with Asia cross-curriculum priority in the Australian Curriculum.
  • Asia literacy is foundational and deep knowledge, skills and understandings about the histories, geographies, societies, cultures, literature and languages of the diverse countries that make up our region.
  • Asia-relevant capabilities include knowledge and understandings about the histories, cultures, literatures, arts, languages, values and beliefs of the countries of Asia.

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Images: Loong 1970 Dennis O'Hoy collection; Damyang-Juknogwon-Bamboo Garden by Byungjoon Kim (CC BY-2.0); Japanese samurai - hand-coloured albumen, c 1890 public domain; William Alexander, Macartney's First Meeting with Qianlong watercolour on paper, 1793 Public domain; Traditional Chinese Wedding Dress by Kelidimari (CC BY-SA 3.0)

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